About Us

Founded in 2002 by local healthcare professionals seeking to make a difference for the community , Sea Crest was developed by a group of people who realized the value of home health and hospice care and wanted to offer a high quality experience for those experiencing life limiting illnesses. Today, the original vision and mission remain the cornerstones of our work.

Sea Crest Hospice is committed to serving those living with chronic and or terminal illnesses, nearing the end of life, or experiencing grief. Sea Crest Hospice cares for patients and helps to guide their families as they provide care and make decisions. Sea Crest Hospice is a private locally owned company, offering comprehensive hospice and palliative care, caregiver education, individual and group counseling, spiritual support and many other programs to those it serves regardless of race, age, faith, diagnosis or financial circumstances.

Our goal is to help each person in our community maintain the best quality of life and live each day with meaning and purpose. Toward that goal, we continue to add new programs and services to meet the changing needs of our community.